Simple Strategies To Preparing Your Ac Unit For Spring Startup


According to air conditioner and heating contractor Ronald Smith HVAC, basic maintenance should be performed on heating and AC units at the beginning of the seasons of temperature fluctuations, such as winter and spring. The current winter has been exceptionally harsh and has placed an immense amount of strains on these devices – especially those that have both cooling and heating elements.

Believe it or not, negative temperatures, freezes, and harsh environmental conditions – such as snow, ice, and winds – can negatively impact the startup of the air conditioner component of a HVAC system in the spring. In this guide, you will be introduced to simple strategies to preparing your air conditioner system for that much-anticipated spring startup.

Outdoor Unit Strategies

The first step to preparing for spring startups is to perform a thorough inspection and a couple of basic maintenance tasks on the outdoor unit. The following outlines these tasks:

  1. Start by inspecting the panels on the outdoor unit. You should ensure that all panels are in place, there are no misalignments, and that there is no visible damage to these panels. According to professional air and heating contractorspecialists, these are in place to protect the internal electrical components of your unit. If damaged, misaligned, or missing, complications could arise that could detrimentally impact the functionality of the unit and the overall safety of your home.
  2. <The next step is to make certain that any protectant covers, lids, or blankets that you placed on the unit during the winter months are completely removed. These typically protect the coil during cold temperatures; however, if not removed, heat transfer capabilities will be limited and damage may occur to the unit.
  3. Finally, you should repair and/or replace any of the insulation that has experienced damage that you have placed over the suction line of the system.

Indoor Unit Strategies

Now that the outdoor part of your heating and air unit has been inspected and maintenance has been performed, it is time to move indoors. Perform the following steps prior to your spring startup, according to Ronald Smith, HVAC air and heating contractor:

  1. <First, change the air filters located inside of your home. Make certain that special attention is geared towards the arrows on your new filters. These arrows help to pinpoint the proper airflow of your system.
  2. Next, you need to check the condensate line of the air conditioning unit. Many refer to this component of the unit as the “coil drainage hose”. You want to ensure that it is in place, it is properly and securely attached, and that it has an area where drainage may go.
  3. All of the supply vents and the return grills of the unit must be clean and no debris should be in the area.
  4. Once you have performed all of the strategies outlined, thus far, in this guide, it is time to start your air conditioner to determine if it is functioning properly. This should be done on a warm day. Once you have started the unit, check to ensure that cool air is moving through the vents/registers within your home. If you notice unusual smells, lack of air flow, or warm air coming from the unit, check the thermostat to make certain it is on “air”. If it is and the issue persists, contact Ronald Smith, HVAC air conditioning and heating contractor immediately for assistance.


Here at Ronald Smith Heating & Air, we are committed to ensuring that your heating and air unit is functioning optimally at all times of the year. The most common time when issues occur is when temperatures change and you go from heat to air, or vice versa. This spring, don’t let your air conditioning unit catch you off guard.

Perform these simple strategies prior to your spring startup and you are much less likely to experience complications. If, by chance, you do face challenges or do not feel comfortable performing these steps yourself, contact us today.

Our air conditioner and heating contractor team will be standing by to provide you with the prompt, courteous, and professional service you have come to expect from Ronald Smith HVAC: 770-766-9212

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