What to Expect From Your Spring HVAC Tune-Up

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What’s Included in a Spring HVAC Tune-Up?

Spring has almost sprung! Some homeowners are scurrying to complete their spring cleaning checklists, others are planning their spring break vacations, and the majority of us are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to complete some essential home maintenance tasks!

If you’re on a mission to maintain a comfortable and efficient home this spring, take the first step by scheduling your spring tune-up for your HVAC system! You’ll be pleased to discover the endless benefits of keeping up with preventative maintenance; keep reading to learn more about the advantages of spring tune-ups for your home.

The Process

While you may have scheduled pre-season maintenance in the past, were you thoroughly informed on what’s involved in the process to keep your HVAC system running like clockwork? Our experts are breaking down the spring tune-up process from start to finish!

Fresh and Clean Air Filters

The first step of a seasonal tune-up is to inspect and replace the air filters if necessary. If your air conditioner has reusable filters, your technician will clean out the dirt and debris that has accumulated before returning the filter. Replacing or cleaning your air filters is ideal to complete every 1-3 months to keep your system running like new.

Clean Condenser Coils

While your filters can help prevent heavy accumulation of dirt on your condenser coils, some can still sneak through and attach to your unit. Your technician will thoroughly clean the condenser coils as a step in your spring HVAC tune-up.

Check Refrigerant Levels

As a final step of your seasonal maintenance service, your technician will evaluate the system’s current Freon levels to ensure it’s prepared for the spring season ahead.

What are the Benefits?

Improved Energy Efficiency

Like any mechanical system, your unit will operate with ease as long as preventative maintenance is followed up! Your home’s heating and cooling system is directly tied to your energy efficiency levels, and investing in seasonal tune-ups can help ensure your HVAC components are operating at maximum efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality

We spend a considerable amount of time indoors, so indoor air quality should always be prioritized for a comfortable home atmosphere. Seasonal tune-ups allow our professionals to inspect and deep clean your system, so you can rest assured that the system distributing your conditioned air is clean as can be!

Extended Lifespan of Unit

It goes without saying that a maintained unit is likely to last longer than a system that has gone years without professional attention. If you invest in professional maintenance, you’re less likely to have to invest in a premature replacement due to an unexpected breakdown or costly repair.

Prevent Costly Repairs

If your unit hasn’t been serviced in quite some time, it could likely be on the brink of a few necessary repairs. The longer your unit goes without professional attention, the higher possibility that your system may have an underlying issue that requires repairs. It’s essential to allow our experts at Ronald Smith Heating & Air to come to take a look at your system at the start of the spring season to ensure all damages are caught and repaired by a trained professional.

HVAC Maintenance Services in Lithia Springs

Ronald Smith Heating & Air is here to serve the HVAC maintenance needs of households in Lithia Springs and the surrounding areas. Don’t start the spring season with an ineffective heating and cooling system; our experts can come to take a look at your unit and ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. For more information or to schedule your spring HVAC tune-up, call us today at (770) 766-9212 or complete our online contact form to schedule your next appointment.