Common Ac Problems That Occur During The Summer Months


Lithia Springs in the State of Georgia is known for the immense heat and sweltering humidity during the summer months.

While the long days and brightly-lit skies of summer offer a fantastic opportunity to get out and about, socialize, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, the summer heat can be exceptionally brutal to air conditioner systems.

As a result, there are many problems that you may find yourself faced with this summer. Continue reading to learn more about these AC problems.

Problem #1: Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is the main substance that allows the device to cool. It takes the heat from the outdoors, absorbs it, and then engages in the process of cooling that air.

In turn, the cool air is delivered to the interior regions of your home. Unfortunately, as the system ages, a leak may occur. Not only does this compromise your air conditioner and your comfort, it can expand and compromise your wallet.

The best strategy for avoiding this issue is to schedule preventative maintenance on your AC at regular intervals throughout the year. If a refrigerant leak is caught early, it could save you a lot of time, money, and future problems.

Problem #2: Dirty Coils

It has been estimated that a standard air conditioner processes in excess of 100,000 pounds of air on a daily basis. In the process, it may pick up a lot of dirt and other types of debris.

Examples include the clippings from a freshly cut lawn, leaves, pollen, dirt, and dust. Over time, these substances accumulate on the coils of your system. If this is allowed to continue, the unit will eventually overheat and cease to function appropriately.

If you find that your system is not as efficient as it once was, you should contact a professional to examine the coils and clean them, if necessary.

Problem #3: Clogged Up Drains

When your AC is providing cool air to the inside of your home, it is also actively engaging in the process of dehumidification. The water that is removed in this process is eliminated through a small drain that can easily become clogged with pollutants and other types of debris.

If this happens, it will negatively impact the entire cooling process. Cleaning a drain is relatively easy; however, it should be done by a professional to ensure that vulnerable components are not impacted.

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Do you feel as though your air conditioner is not cooling your home properly? Since the temperatures increased outside has that spread to the interior of your home?

Have you noticed unusual smells or unusually high energy bills? If so, you may be experiencing one of the problems outlined above. Be it a low amount of refrigerant, dirty coils, or a clogged-up drain, we can help!

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