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Despite the common assumption that the air in our homes is safer and cleaner than the great outdoors, most of us fail to realize that the air in our homes can contain even more pollutants than the air outside. To check whether your home and health are at risk from airborne pollutants, mold, and bacteria, you need to get in contact with Ronald Smith Heating & Air for professional indoor air quality services in Lithia Springs and surrounding areas.

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How Poor Air Quality Can Harm You

In recent years, studies have increasingly shown that indoor air pollution has been linked to poor indoor air quality. In fact, studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have demonstrated that in many cases, outdoor air is actually less harmful than recycled indoor air. Because most people nowadays spend 80-90% of their time indoors, many public health organizations are worried about the toll this has on people's lungs.

Just some of the side effects of poor indoor air quality include:

  • Short and long-term health problems – Microscopic but hazardous pollutants can lead to allergic reactions, severe migraines, respiratory infections, pneumonia, asthma, irritation on skin and eyes, dizziness behind the temples, coughing, and even nausea.

  • Reduced attendance and productivity – Recently, studies have suggested that poor air quality does not only affect one’s physical health but one’s mental health as well. Lack of pure air to breathe over time actually diminishes people’s ability to concentrate, calculate complex figures or decisions, or even remember short-term events.

  • Increased speed of building deterioration – If the moisture in the air is too humid, this excess of dampness and moisture can then create the growth of mildew and mold. These in turn cause the building to deteriorate much more quickly, as the wood and plaster of a building’s structure decay due to the poor air quality.

Air Filtration Services in Lithia Springs

One critical aspect of improving the indoor air quality of your home is having a strong air conditioner unit with a well-maintained filter. Your AC filter has two primary purposes. First, it decreases the amount of dust in the air of the room itself. Next, it also diminishes the collection of dirt and other contaminants from amassing on the evaporator coils of the unit. This greatly increases the efficiency of your air conditioner unit. Contact Ronald Smith Heating & Air today for top-quality air filtration solutions.

Dehumidification System Installation

Another crucial component of maintaining good indoor air quality is having a powerful dehumidifier. During the hot, humid summers we have here in the south, moisture balance inside the home can reach uncomfortable levels. When the air is too wet, your air conditioner will have to work longer and harder, and it still may not be able to get the moisture level down to the optimal level to keep you feeling cool. In addition to improving your comfort, dehumidifiers also protect items in your home from excessive moisture, such as your hardwood floors, furniture, electronics, and other items. Finally, keeping humidity levels in check with a dehumidifier can also protect your home against potentially toxic and fast-spreading mold growth, which thrives in humid environments. When you call us for service, we can install single room dehumidification units or even service the entire house, depending on your personal needs.

Certified Integrity

Ronald Smith Heating & Air carefully screens all employees, ensuring they are expertly trained to have experience with the many indoor air quality services we offer our customers. Our NATE certified HVAC technicians are considered some of the industry's finest and most knowledgeable.

For the best air filtration, dehumidification, and indoor air quality services in Lithia Springs, call us at (770) 766-9212.

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