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When we consider the circulatory system, one of the most crucial systems in the human body, we often immediately think about the larger organs, such as the heart or the lungs. Without these two essential organs, it certainly would be impossible to breathe. In addition to these crucial body parts, however, the circulatory system consists of thousands of veins, arteries, and tiny capillaries – channels that are absolutely critical to carry oxygenized blood throughout our body. Without these channels, our head, heart, lungs, and other organs could not have the air they need to function, and our body would shut down within seconds.

Similarly, when it comes to your home’s structure, the series of channels carrying air throughout the rest of the house act as an architectural circulatory system. This network is known as ductwork, essential to carrying pure, conditioned air through an HVAC system into every room of your home. If you are looking for this essential service of duct installation in Lithia Springs, be assured that our experienced technicians at Ronald Smith Heating & Air are ready and waiting to fulfill all your ductwork needs.

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Benefits of Properly Installing Ductwork

The ductwork in your home performs several functions. Not only do the ducts transport fresh, cool air, but they also control your home’s ability to be properly heated, as well as ventilated of contaminants. Your home’s entire indoor air quality is completely dependent on having a strong duct system.

Since your home’s air quality and heating and cooling systems are only as good as your ducts, it is absolutely essential that any new installations are laid out in such a way that best connects your HVAC unit to the rest of your home. In fact, if the system has not been installed correctly from the outset, its ability to be efficient will decrease by at least 40%. In addition to having a strategic layout carefully planned, our technicians will also make sure that the materials and size of your particular ductwork will best match the rest of your home’s structure.

The Importance of Replacing Ductwork

You may have lived in your home for several years already and are wondering whether it is really necessary to change out the ductwork when it seems to have been working fine already. In reality, there are several benefits of replacing old and outdated ductwork, even if you don’t notice immediate malfunctions.

Some of the most important reasons for this include:

  • Higher energy savings: Older air ducts are often damaged in several places, even if they have not immediately broken down. Even small drops in air pressure, caused by minute cracks and leaks in the ductwork, will drastically decrease your HVAC’s energy efficiency, since your whole system has to work harder than ever. This immediately leads to skyrocketing energy bills.

  • Improved air quality in your home: Ducts that are broken or leaking allow a lot of harmful contaminants to enter the vents. This is not only annoying, since more dust can be blown around, but even dangerous, since many toxic pollutants will be dispersed more widely around the house. Duct cleaning can only do so much if your ducts are actually damaged.

  • Increased levels of comfort: Damaged or old ducts dramatically decrease your HVAC's system's ability to heat or cool your home, and the humidity levels will be subpar at best. Getting an upgraded system will stabilize these functions, along with your entire physical and mental comfort in being in a calm, clean atmosphere after a long day.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Always seek an expert to install the delicate system of vents and channels which make up the vast network of ducts in your home. Our professional team can offer you premium duct installation services in Lithia Springs and surrounding areas, which will save you lots of costs in terms of fixing mistakes and making unnecessary repairs.

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