3 Tips For Keeping Your Customers Comfortable This Summer


As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep the right products on the shelves and at the right prices. However, it takes more than that to keep your customers happy.

The interior climate of your business is also very important. That is, ensuring that the temperature is appropriate for the season. Now that summer is in full swing, temperatures are soaring and humidity levels are at all time highs.

How do you keep the inside of your business cool and comfortable so that your customers will want to spend time there and will want to return in the future? Continue reading to find out.

Tip #1: Keep Your Air Conditioning Filter Clean

The air filter is a critical component of your HVAC system. It catches the dirt, dust, dander, and other types of debris that may make its way inside of your business. It is highly important in keeping your indoor air quality high.

Additionally, it helps to ensure that the flow and backflow of your HVAC system is performing optimally. A clean air filter means clean, cool air for your customers.

Depending on the amount of people that you service, you will need to change the air filter once to twice each month.

Tip #2: Make Certain Your Duct Work and Vents are Clean

The next step to keeping your customers happy this summer and ensuring that your business is inviting is to have the vents and duct work of your HVAC system cleaned at least once a year.

If you service a large number of customers, it is advised that you have this work performed twice a year.

In addition to making sure that the air is all clean insider of your business, this will help to ensure that your air conditioner is running optimally and that it has a long lifespan.

Tip #3: Consider Upgrading

Depending on the age and the size of your HVAC system, it may be time to upgrade your system. This is done one of two ways. First, you can simply have the internal components of your current system replaced with new parts. The second is to purchase a completely new system.

In terms of your business, it may be best to opt for a completely new system. Not only will this guarantee clean, cool air, but it can help you save money on your utility costs, due to it having a higher level of energy efficiency.

If you are saving money, you can lower the prices on the products that you offer – which will also make your customers happy!

We Can Help

If you are in need of commercial HVAC services in Lithia Springs, we can help! We offer comprehensive maintenance plans, can aid in replacing air filters, cleaning duct work and vents, and have a large line of high-quality, energy efficiency HVAC systems that you may choose from for your business.

If you keep your customers happy, they will keep you happy! Call us today for more information: 770-766-9212

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