Improperly Maintained A/C Can Negatively Impact Your Family’s Health


Now that spring is here, it is time to do a little cleaning and maintenance on your air conditioning system. Failure to do so could result in your family’s health being negatively impacted.

The filter that is located in your system is designed to clean the air that your unit blows into the home. It must be either cleaned or changed regularly to ensure that everyone in the home is breathing the cleanest air possible.

Additionally, this helps to ensure that the unit runs as efficiently as possible. A dirty, improperly maintained air conditioner may contaminate the air that you breath and could result in serious illnesses.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we spend approximately 90% of our time in the indoor regions of our home. That fact, coupled with the high levels of insulation that we now place in our homes in an effort to reduce energy usage could result in many air-related problems that can result in indoor pollution.

By taking the simple steps of changing out the filter or cleaning the air conditioner filter on a regular basis and engaging in a bit of regular maintenance on the ducts and other components, we can avoid developing a high level of air pollution within our homes. All it takes is a little bit of time and a few dollars of service to prevent many serious problems associated with inside air pollution of your home.

Many do not realize it, but, when an air conditioner becomes dirty, it creates an environment where spores, bacteria, and mold may develop and reproduce at alarming rates.

In addition to this, cooking chemicals, residue from cleansing agents used in the home, pet dander, and other pollutants may become lodged within the air conditioner system. When all of these are combined, many different symptoms and sicknesses may develop. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Many may experience fatigue as a result of the many pollutants in which they are exposed.
  • It is common for many to suffer from irritations of the throat and infections that impact the throat region.
  • Many may develop respiratory complications such as wheezing, high levels of congestion, and coughing.
  • The eyes and nose may experience irritation.
  • Those that have or are susceptible to asthma may suffer from breathing problems.
  • Finally, there are many that suffer from illnesses that are similar to the flu.

When bacteria, mold, and other dangerous agents become lodged in an air conditioner system, it could result in the onset of a secondary problem, infestations of insects and animals.

Many air conditioner professionals have removed colonies of insects, feces from intrusive animals like rats, and even live animals – such as snakes – from dirty and improperly maintained air conditioner systems. If left to blow into the home, matter and dander from insects and animals could result in serious illnesses and health-related problems.

Dirty and improperly maintained air conditioners often include large amounts of dirt and dust. These substances accumulate over time and could result in severe distress to the respiratory system.

The air conditioner often provides warmth and moisture to severely dangerous forms of bacteria, such as Legionella. This type of bacteria transitions into Legionnaire’s disease, which could prove to be fatal for those that contract it. It is a form of pneumonia that can result in nausea, pain in the chest, high fever, and breathing problems.

The damage from this illness can be permanent and affect a person cognitively and physically. It can be avoided, though, by having a clean, properly maintained air conditioner.

As you can see from the information contained in this guide, air conditioners must be properly maintained and clean at all times. Failure to clean filters, ducts, and maintain your air conditioner could result in a multitude of issues that can negatively impact your health and the health of your family members.

Spring cleaning should extend past the possessions in your home. It should also include your air conditioner. To ensure that you and your family are as healthy as possible, contact us today for the maintenance and clean filter that is necessary this season.

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