AC Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

In our attempts to save money on electricity bills while still maintaining the same amount of cool comfort in our homes through the use of our trusty air conditioners, we may actually be doing the opposite and causing ourselves to waste cash. This usually happens when we apply myths to our daily routines without actually having much knowledge behind these actions.

Use your AC unit more efficiently and economically by eliminating these myths busted by Angie’s List:

  • “Ceiling fans keep rooms cool.” – Air moving across your skin just makes you feel cooler.
  • “Air conditioning units perform the same no matter where they are installed.” – They work best on the east or north sides of a home, away from sunlight.
  • Set the thermostat lower than your ideal temperature to cool room quickly.” – It will reach the same rate, no matter how quickly you want to cool your home.
  • “You don’t need to inspect your air conditioning system.” – Inspection can ensure your system will run great all season long.