Saving Energy While Keeping Cool


While we may still be experiencing some cold, everyone is undoubtedly looking forward and making plans for when warmer weather finally arrives. And what better way to prep for the warmer climate than by stocking up on ways to efficiently enjoy the heat while keeping our homes comfortable cool? Not only will we be able to use less of our air conditioning units, we’ll be able to save on our energy costs too!

  • Start using electric fans instead of cooling the entire room with the us of your AC. Keep a bowl of ice just below the fan to make air cooler.
  • Switch on your exhaust fans too so that the hot air passes out of your room and the room becomes cooler.
  • Lower the temperature in your room by switching off lights and other heat-producing appliances when they aren’t needed.
  • Close your windows rather than keeping them open. Open windows will allow the heat from the outside to enter.
  • Use light-colored best sheets at they breathe easier and keep your bed cooler.
  • Focus on lowering down your own body hear by sipping on cool drinks, taking showers, or wiping yourself down with a cold cloth.

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