Summer Myths You May Not Know


During summer, heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke, dehydration and rashes are very common.

They usually occur when the body can’t keep itself cool. Now, before you check out those old wives’ tales on how to cool yourself, you might want to go over some common summer myths.

Myth #1: Eating ripe mangoes can cause heat boils

–          According to experts, no single fruit can cause extra heat in the body. Apart from the environment, developing heat boils is dependent on the person’s individual constitution.

Myth #2: Spicy food can cool you down

–          Eating spicy food cannot lower your body temperature. Green chillies, on the other hand, can increase metabolic rate. And since chillies produce heat in the body, you are likely to drink water after eating a meal of it.

Myth 3: Fans are the best way to stave heat stroke

–          During hot weather, fans won’t provide your cool air. Experts say that staying in an air-conditioned facility is the safest.

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