Before You Buy


Why Ronald Smith Heating & Air? It’s simple.

With Ronald Smith Heating & Air, we design and install your new heating and air conditioning system based on scientific facts and testing that’s supported by the Department of Energy, All Utility Providers, Energy Star, Design Engineers, Air Conditioning Manufactures and Home Energy Experts. We ensure that the right products are selected for your home.

Many times contractors fail to scientifically test, and begin guessing what size unit to install, how much air duct leakage should they account for, which rooms require more or less air, how to control humidity, and how to control air infiltration. Designing and installing your new heating and air conditioning system based on facts will ensure you get the best value for your money and that you and your family will be comfortable and safe. If you’d like to schedule click here.

At Ronald Smith Heating & Air, we guarantee to design and install your new system based on the uniqueness of your home. By doing what is expected and right, that’s how we can guarantee your system will deliver exceptional comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. If you’d like to schedule click here.

Choosing a Contractor

Purchasing a new high efficiency heating an air conditioning system is a big investment, and probably one you will make based on the recommendations of a contractor you’ve known for only a few hours. In order to protect this investment, homeowners need to select a contractor that installs equipment based on Facts, Testing and Science. Installing the new and improved high efficiency equipment of today based on rules of thumb and past experienced is no longer acceptable.

Unfortunately, many contractors still offer investment advice on new heating and air conditioning systems based on opinions and best guesses. To protect you and your family make sure you select a contractor that can meet the minimum criteria outlined below.

Computerized “Manual J” Load Calculation – This room by room scientific test will determine the right size equipment for your home.

Room by Room Airflow Calculation – This is a scientific measurement of the amount of air coming out of the air vent in each room. This will ensure your new system heats and cools your home evenly.

Air Duct Leakage Calculation – The typical duct system in a home leaks 25-40%. The air duct leakage test identifies where the leaks are located so repairs can be made.

Air Flow Leakage Reduction Guarantee – Get a written guarantee that the duct system will leak less than 10%, or that they will guarantee 75% less air leakage once the new system is installed.

Infiltrometer Blower Door Test – This is a scientific test that measures the level of air leakage in the entire home. Understanding this will help solve high utility bills, unhealthy indoor air, musty odors, excessive dust, humidity issues and hot and cold spots throughout the home.

100% Money Back Guarantee – This is a written money back guarantee that the new system is designed and installed properly based on scientific data.

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