What Type of Heater Should I Put in My New Home?


In most areas of the country, heating is the largest aspect of home energy consumption. Heating systems not only have a direct impact on energy expenses, but also on overall comfort.

Now that you have a new home, it is time to start the home heating system selection process. By choosing the right type, you will experience many long-term benefits in the way of comfort and overall operating costs.

Continue reading to learn about the most popular options available on the market today.


A furnace will operate on gas, propane, or oil. In most cases, electricity will be necessary, too. This powers the fan motor and possibly other internal components.

Not only will you pay fuel costs, but you will also be responsible for the electrical costs associated with operation. If you prefer a furnace, choose one that is known to have a high level of efficiency – in terms of electrical usage.

For the most standard models, you will experience an AFUE efficiency rating of approximately 80%.

Electric-Based Heat Pumps

A heat pump uses the same type of refrigerant cycle as a standard air conditioner; however, when winter comes around, these systems have the capability of reversing the air cycle so that heat is delivered directly into the home.

These are considered to be one of the most efficient types of heating systems when used in new homes. You will want to choose a system with a very high HSPF. This stands for “High Seasonal Peak Efficiency”.

If you select one that has a high HSPF, you will save a tremendous amount of money on your energy costs. Additionally, those that work from a ground source or are considered to be “geothermal” are known for their high level of efficiency.

Hydronic Systems

If you are in search of a more modern heating system for your new home, you should opt for one of the many hydronic systems available on the market.

These have a high level of efficiency and provide optimal comfort. Examples of these types of heating systems include fin tube baseboard heating, cast iron radiators, radiant floor heating, and hydro air heating. These heating systems have a higher level of flexibility than traditional heaters.

Over time, you will also find that you save thousands on your home heating bill. If you are moving into a modern home, it is ideal to go with the modern approach to heating.

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