Be Wary Of These Red Flags When Looking For A Hvac Service Company


Choosing the right HVAC contractor is a challenging endeavor. If you have an issue with your system, the highest vigilance must be taken in order to ensure that no threats to your home, your property, and your safety.

Furthermore, you must take every measure possible to protect your finances. You have to make certain that the contractor that you select is the right professional for the job and offers their services at the right price.

Additionally, you must make sure that they utilize the right parts. In this guide, you will learn a few red flags that could indicate that the HVAC contractor you are interested in hiring is not the right one for the job.

Red Flag #1: Providing Phone Quotes

There is no “one price meets all” in the HVAC industry. Prices given by professionals in the industry will be determined by several different factors.

These include the size of your home, the unique system that you have, the duct system, the overall efficiency of the home, the layout, and other factors.

In order to provide you with a quote, the HVAC contractor will need to come to the home for a thorough inspection and examination. If they try to give you a price over the phone – other than hourly rates or standard costs of certain types of equipment – beware.

Red Flag #2: Individual Contractor

Now, there is nothing wrong with an individual owning their own HVAC business. The problem comes in when that person is running every single aspect of their business.

If this is the case, you may find it difficult to get help when you need it. This could be especially bad during times where extreme temperatures exist.

It is best to opt for a HVAC company that employs several people. This way, regardless of the day, the time, or the season, you are capable of getting the help that you need.

Red Flag #3: Cash Up Front or Cash Only

Two red flags into one. If the company you are dealing with wants you to pay cash only or requires a cash payment prior to the rendering of the services provided, you may have an issue on your hands.

In some instances, this could indicate the case of a business that has very little money. In other instances, this could be a forewarning that the “technician” is going to take your money and run with it. Either case can be very difficult for you.

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