Watch Out For These Common Cooling Repair Scams By Hvac Companies


In the summer months, we depend heavily upon our air conditioner systems to control the climate temperatures within our homes. When the unit fails to deliver and knocks us out of our comfort zone, we depend upon and trust service technicians to discover and resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, there are several unscrupulous practices in place that scam us of our time and money. Unethical practices have the potential to con you out of your hard-earned cash.

In this brief guide, you will learn about several common cooling repair scams by HVAC companies. By knowing what these scams are and how residential HVAC repair companies engage in them, you will be protecting yourself, your finances, and your HVAC system.

Scam #1: The Need to Recharge Refrigerant in the System

One of the most common of all residential HVAC repair scams is when a technician informs you that the refrigerant in the unit needs to be recharged. You should know that if the air conditioner has less refrigerant than is considered to be ideal for functionality, there is a leak within the unit.

That leak is truly the source of the problem and should be addressed. The technician must address the leak, resolve it, and then inform you of the need of placing additional refrigerant in the unit.

If they do not and simply push to place new refrigerant in the unit, they are prolonging the leak problem in hopes that you will call back in the future and they may make additional money from the extra service calls.

Scam #2: Offering Used Parts to Reduce Costs

The next common residential HVAC repair scam that many technicians engage in is offering you a used part that they have on them in order to reduce costs. If the specialist has a used component in their possession, it is likely that part was retrieved from another customer’s HVAC system.

While it still may function, it will result in a strain on the other components of your system, have a negative impact on its overall efficiency, and will, eventually, need replaced. While using a used part may reduce the initial costs of the repair, it will result in higher costs, over time.

If a part needs replaced, always opt for a new part that includes a warranty.

Scam #3: High Pressure Sales Combined with Scare Tactics

If a service technician is engaging in high pressure sales tactics combined with scare tactics, you should be on high alert. Many technicians take advantage of the fact that the average person lacks a vast amount of knowledge on HVAC units.

They will attempt to get you to pay for services and various parts by informing you of the dangers that may occur if you do not get these immediately. They may claim that failure to replace a certain feature poses a fire damage, or something similar in nature. In these instances, you should opt for a second opinion.

Residential HVAC Repair Services You Can Trust

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