3 Essential Steps Homeowners Should Take to Get Their Heat Pumps Prepared


As we draw near to the close of the immense heat and climate oppression of summer, homeowners should be opening up to the work that is required to get their heat pumps ready for the upcoming temperature drops.

As we embark into the months of September and October, cooler weather will start to prevail. The air conditioner unit in your HVAC system will be needed less and, as time progresses, no indoor climate control will be needed at all; however, winter will be here faster than we know.

When that AC goes off, it is nearly time to turn on the heat unit in your HVAC system. In this guide, you will learn about 3 steps that all homeowners need to engage in to get ready for those upcoming seasonal drops in temperature.

Step #1: Clear the Area around the HVAC System from the Accumulated Natural Debris

Each year – all year long – a vast amount of natural debris accumulates around your HVAC system. This is due to wind, rain, and other environmental conditions. The most common types of debris include fallen leaves, grass, weeds, and even dirt being pushed up against the system due to rains that occur throughout the year.

While this debris commonly goes unnoticed by homeowners, it can prove to be quite burdensome to your HVAC system. Natural debris is known to build up, hinder the flow of air in and out of the system, and create the buildup of dirt on the HVAC system’s coils.

To properly prepare for the cool season and get your heat pump ready, you should ensure that all of this natural debris is removed and have a technician come in and clean the coils prior to the first round of cooler temperatures.

Step #2: Replace the Air Filters on Your HVAC System

The second step to gearing up your HVAC system for the upcoming temperature drops is to ensure that you replace any and all filters associated with the unit. In most units, there will only be one. Average use calls for the filter to be changed – at least – once every 90 days; however, above-average use and the need for constant use during the winter months calls for the heat pump’s filter to be changed every 30 days.

Usually, this is a simple process that you can perform on your own; however, if assistance is required, you may have a HVAC technician come in and teach you how to do this task. If you are not comfortable with the process of changing the filter, you may schedule monthly visits with the technician.

Step #3: Have an Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Service Call Performed

The final step in gearing up your heat pump for the upcoming cold is to have an annual maintenance service call scheduled. This service call will typically include a system tune-up, which checks for fluid levels, leakage, electrical system issues, belts, lubrication, and the testing of the overall performance of the unit.

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