6 Tips For Keeping Seniors Safe This Winter


Winter can put seniors, already vulnerable to many elements, even more at risk for dangers that the cold weather may bring. To ensure comfort, safety and good health, it is imperative to keep our elderly loved ones warm and well by following these tips from Age UK:

  1. Get your heating system serviced every year by a qualified engineer to ensure it’s running safely and efficiently. Your electic blanket must be serviced every 3 years as well.
  2. Never block air vents and if you have wood-burning, coal or gas heaters make sure there’s adequate ventilation.
  3. Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in each room that has a gas appliance.
  4. Dress in plenty of layers and make sure you have warm shoes or boots with non-slip soles.
  5. Consider installing grab rails if you have steps at your front or back door as icy paths make slips and falls more likely to occur. Additionally, keep a mixture of salt and sand handy to put on steps or paths.
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