Why You Should Tune-Up Your HVAC Units Before Winter

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Winter is only a few months away! It’s crazy to think that 2020 is almost over, right? We are definitely in the final stretch and the weather is about to get quite a bit colder. No matter how powerful your furnace is you still need to give it some help. That goes for all homeowners. You have to pay attention to your home’s infrastructure if you want it to last a long time and save you money. With the winter season coming up we wanted to give you some preparation tips so you can keep your home warm and your HVAC units working well.

Why a Tune-Up is So Vital Before Winter

We recommend our customers get their HVAC units serviced before summer and winter. Our industry is highly seasonal because the HVAC needs of our customers are seasonal. In our area of Georgia, we go from warm summers to cold winters, so we need to rely on both AC and our furnace to work optimally throughout the year. However, when you don’t use your furnace for months during the summer, it’s not uncommon for problems to arise that need to be addressed.

When we do these types of tune-ups and maintenance visits, we notice all types of problems, but we’ll go over a few of the most common ones. One is problems with airflow. No matter what time of year it is you need your air ducts to work well. Leaks can be so damaging because they are hard to spot in your ductwork without a professional eye.

Secondly, we see mechanical problems that need repairs. It’s not uncommon for wear and tear to occur on your furnace even when it’s not in constant use. You may require a mechanical repair and our techs are sure to find it if there is an issue.

Third, we can make sure you maintain your warranty. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have specific warranties that require annual check-ups and things like that. If you want to maintain that going forward a tune-up is the best way to do it.

Lastly, we can find potential problems that could endanger you. It may sound hyperbolic, but it’s actually true that carbon monoxide causes harm to thousands of families every year. With your furnace, this is one of the most dangerous outcomes of lack of maintenance. A yearly check-up can severely reduce your risk.

Help Your Furnace Be More Efficient This Winter

The other way you can prepare your furnace for the winter actually has nothing to do with your furnace at all! It’s by implementing good habits and simple investments that can make your home’s heating more efficient.


We’ll start with something that should be a part of your yearly to-do’s come wintertime. Weatherstripping, if you didn’t know, is the process of sealing cracks and potentially drafty areas of your home. Keeping heat in is so important for the efficiency of your furnace and weatherstripping helps to accomplish this. Start by getting a weatherstrip to put underneath your door and then you can move on to windows. You can use insulation film, caulk, or weatherstripping tape. They all accomplish similar things, so find the best one for you.


Lastly, we recommend taking a look at your insulation. Your home can lose so much heat from your basement or crawlspace in particular. Don’t be afraid to inspect the area every once in a while to look for damage. You don’t want to realize after the winter is over that you’ve been wasting a bunch of money on heating costs due to poor or damaged insulation.

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