Guide for Consumers Seeking High-Quality Heating Products And/Or Services


Hiring a heating contractor may prove to be a tedious task – especially during the winter months when heating quickly becomes a high priority. In most instances, homeowners will conduct a massive amount of research on heating units.

This research may include reviewing ratings associated with energy efficiency, features, and determining how much will need to be paid on the unit and the costs associated with the device; however, many overlook one of the most critical components to a successful transaction and experience – choosing a heating contractor. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn a few simple steps that will help you in hiring a heating contractor and getting the most from the products and/or services that you require now that the temperatures have dropped.

Step 1: Determining Licensure and Insurance Coverage

The first step to hiring a heating contractor is determining if the professional is licensed and appropriately insured. You may request that the technician provide their license number and then search that number through the licensing board that governs state contractors. Once you determine that their license is in good standing, you should then inquire about the type of insurance that they carry.

Many complications may arise during the installation, maintenance, repair, and servicing of a heating unit. Insurance will cover these potential issues. It is best to opt for a contractor that carries both liability insurance and the insurance for worker’s compensation. Your protection and best interests should come first.

Step 2: Determining the Presence of Brand Experience

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have already researched units, parts, and services. In most instances, these may be specific to a certain brand. You should opt for a heating contractor that has a high level of experience with that brand.

By being experienced, the contractor will be able to perform accurate installation, maintenance, and servicing of the unit. Many contractors that are currently licensed and insured in your area have either received brand-specific training or have a massive amount of field experience, in terms of a specific brand.

Step 3: Determining Refund Policies, Warranties, and Any Guarantees

The final step to ensuring that you opt for the ideal heating contractor is to determine if the professional has a refund policy in place, if there are warranties on the service and/or product, and any type of guarantees. If these policies and services are in place, it is quite likely that the heating contractor is not only highly educated, thoroughly trained, and highly reputable, but that their work is of the highest quality and they stand by their products.

Reputable and customer-friendly heating contractors always strive to put their customers first and do that which is in the best interest of their customers. Refund policies, warranties, and guarantees put your needs – as a consumer – first, and should be highly considered prior to opting to do business with a HVAC contractor.

Proper Installation, Service, and Maintenance

When hiring a heating contractor, you must opt for one that will deliver high-quality and proper installation, service, and maintenance to your unit. If you do not, the overall efficiency of the unit will be lower, the performance of the heater will be poor, and the overall life of the system will be drastically shortened. Ronald Smith, HVAC professional, takes great pride in ensuring that each and every consumer that he works with receives a proper installation, the highest-quality service, and the best maintenance possible.

The company he represents believes that education is the single-greatest issue in the HVAC industry. Each professional with Ronald Smith HVAC is fully committed to standing apart from the competition in experience, pricing, products, and education. If you are ready to hire a heating contractor today that will ensure a lifetime of satisfaction, contact Ronald Smith HVAC to learn more:

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