Possible Solutions For Your Noisy Ac


You may be comfortably cool inside your home and shielded from the scorching summer heat of the outdoors, but your AC may be keeping you from being completely relaxed because of all the noise it’s making while it’s working.

The first step should be to identify the cause. You may have to open it up or get a professional to do it if you’re not sure of your capabilities. Damaging your unit further is the last thing you want to do now that the weather calls for a functioning AC.

Here are some possible solutions according to The Family Handyman:

  • Fencing one or all sides of an air conditioner’s outside unit can deflect noise.
  • If your condenser is older, the best solution is a new unit.
  • If you already have a newer condenser, the worst noise is probably coming from the compressor so find a sound blanket for your model.
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