Tips to Resolve Fall Heating Issues

Even though during the fall season the cold you experience is far from the chill of winter, temperatures can still drop a little too low for comfort. It can be even more chilly than usual if some  repairs need to be done in your home or some maintenance tasks have been overlooked.

For this reason, Pivotal Home Solutions has come up with some tips that may resolve your homes heating issues.

  • Change your HVAC filter. It may be clogged with dirt, preventing warm air produced from your furnace or boiler to circulate through the ducts.
  • Use a glass front for your fireplace to prevent heated air from escaping through your chimney.
  • Make sure your ceiling fan’s blades are spinning in a clockwise direction to push the warmed air downward.
  • Seal window and door frames: If your home feels excessively drafty this season, it could be a result of air leaks in your window and door frames.
  • Move furniture, curtains and drapes away from vents. Blocked vents prevent warmed air from your furnace/boiler from being circulated through the room.