5 Ideas to Help Warm Up Your Home This Winter

The winter brings out a lot in us. It may cause us to be lazier than usual, withdrawing into our homes and shying away from our usual routines because we are deterred by the chill, or we may become more productive, taking advantage of the winter weather to tackle on some tasks we’ve been putting off (that don’t involve us stepping out into the cold) and accomplishing more than when it’s nice and sunny out. And you may not notice, but it also causes us to be creative — in coming up with solutions to fight the cold.

If you’re out of ideas here are some new ones you should try:

  1. Use rugs or floorboard fillers to fight draughts coming in through uninsulated floors.
  2. Place sheets of tin foil behind your radiators to reflect the heat back into the room rather than allowing it go escape.
  3. Be strategic with your heating timer. If it’s very cold, set the timer to switch the heating on earlier rather than turn the thermostat up to warm your house quickly.
  4. Invest in some thermal curtain linings and double glaze your windows.
  5. Avoid putting large pieces of furniture, like sofas and beds, in front of your radiators as they’ll simply absorb all the heat.