Troubleshooting Common HVAC Issues

Knowing how to troubleshoot your HVAC isn’t only about skipping a pricey encounter with your trusty technician. Some days, having to suffer through a steamy afternoon for hours while waiting for the latter simply won’t do, and you have to get your hands dirty – metaphorically – to get things working again.

If the air condenser isn’t running, for instance, before rushing to the phone to call your guy, consider going over the outlet and ensuring that the unit is indeed plugged in. Putting the thermostat in the proper settings may also do the trick. Other issues include inadequate air cooling – which can be solved by lowering the thermostat level or cleaning the evaporator – and the unit getting stuck in an on-off loop – which can be fixed with a good, thorough cleaning.

Despite all your knowledge on DIY fixes, however, there are still tasks that are best left in the hands of experts, so make sure you also know when it’s time to call in the professionals.

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